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tuesday, 26th may 2020
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Soccer balls are one of the most famous sport articles for promotional use. Because of the increasing popularity of soccer during the last 20 years, promotional soccer balls became more and more popular. During the last few years we delivered soccer balls to many famous and international companies. Our biggest advantage is a very flexible OWN PRODUCTION in Pakistan, which enables us to send a printed sample ball to our customers┬┤ in only 7-8 working days.

You can get all our different quality balls as promotional balls, a simple give-away ball also as a professional match play ball (FIFA approved, FIFA inspected). We have the opportunity to offer you all kind of colour combinations in each quality, as well. Do not hesitate to send us your own ideas and designs, we will work on them together, to make an individual ball for you and your clients.

As well as soccer balls, we can offer miniballs, handballs, volleyballs and basketballs for promotional use.
Why not take advantage of our 40 years experiance in the business of Sports balls.

Some examples of promotional balls:

















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